The Vivos Christi Society

Your Catholic Legacy and the Vivos Christi Society

If you plan now, your Catholic Legacy can bless lives for generations to come. What would you like your legacy to say about you?

What is the Vivos Christi Society?

Your planned gift, through your Catholic Legacy automatically makes you a member of the Vivos Christi Society. This society honors you and the Catholic Legacy you are leaving to the Church. You can choose to be a named or anonymous member (your gift amount always remains confidential). Please know that being a named member helps inspire others to also think about and create their own Catholic Legacy.

What is a Planned Gift?

Planned gifts are gifts you plan today, to give in the future. They create extraordinary opportunities to support our Church in Central Florida. And are a meaningful and powerful way to remember our Church.

Examples of planned gifts are:

  • Beneficiary through Wills or trusts
  • Retirement plans such as IRA or 401(k)
  • Gifts that pay you income: charitable trusts and annuities
  • Gifts of real estate or vacation homes

Why should I inform you of my Planned Gift?

You have spent thoughtful time considering your legacy to the Church. Your gift can have more meaning and impact if you tell us what you would like to strengthen or improve. By informing us, you are ensuring that your gift is used as intended.

The Vivos Christi Society annual Induction and Reception with Bishop Noonan.

In gratitude for your legacy gift, you will be invited to the Annual Morning Prayer, Induction and Reception with Bishop Noonan. This is a chance to pray and celebrate with new, current and family members of the Society.

This event takes place each fall around the feast day of St. Therese of Lisieux, our patron saint, at St. James Cathedral.