Legacy Gift Notification

Thank you for notifying us of your planned gift (gift from your will, trust, retirement plan, life insurance, charitable gift annuity, etc) to your Church in Central Florida. Your gift will help secure its future. Please note that the amount of your gift is never shared.

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I/We have named the Church in Central Florida as a beneficiary of my/our estate plan.
The estate plan includes a gift of approximately $ or % of my/our estate.

This gift is presently in the form of a (check all that apply):

Gift made by way of will or living trust.
Beneficiary designation gift of an IRA, 401(k) or other retirement plan.
Beneficiary designation gift of a bank or savings account, CDs or brokerage account.
Charitable remainder trust (CRT) with the Church in Central Florida named as a remainder beneficiary.
Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) with the Church in Central Florida named as a remainder beneficiary.
Beneficiary designation gift of a life insurance policy.

My/Our gift is intended to be used for — please list parish(es) or ministry(ies)
I/We understand that the gift described above is not binding and that it may be changed or revoked at any time should my/our needs or circumstances change. I/We will, to the best of my/our abilities, attempt to keep you informed should I/we change this gift or should the dollar value of this gift significantly increase or decrease.

Since this gift makes me/us a member of the Vivos Christi Society, please recognize my/our support as follows (select one):
I/We approve having my/our name(s) listed as members of the Vivos Christi Society to motivate and inspire others to leave a future gift to benefit the parish(es) or ministry(ies) that they choose. Please list my/our names as follows:
I/We do not want to my/our names published and prefer to be listed as 'Anonymous' member(s).

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