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Life and Estate Planning Checklist

Organizing and preparing your important documents is one of the most important things you can do for the people who love you, easing them from the burden of making decisions for you during an already difficult time. Having your financial documents, materials, and end of life instructions will give you peace of mind. This checklist will help you organize your affairs that can protect those that you care about most and safeguard your legacy.

Faithful Steward Organizer

Our Wills Guide is a 28-page comprehensive organizer that is a tool that may be used before you consult with an estate attorney so that you may save time and money. This Faithful Steward Organizer is a two-page brief synopsis that you may choose to do first, so that you may begin to organize your items while working on the more detailed Wills Guide.

Sacramental Wishes Statement

This worksheet enables you to plan your final wishes including sacraments, hymns, scriptures, and other items to be included in a vigil and funeral mass. This enables your loved ones to follow your wishes on what is important to you in life and at the end of life.

Catholic Declaration on Life and Death (Living Will/Health Surrogate)

Catholic Declaration on Life and Death (Living Will/Health Surrogate) is a legal instrument that meets the Catholic requirements and can be completed for use by all Catholics—whether young or old, healthy or dying. Information on Understanding the Catholic Declaration on Life and Death is a four-page informational booklet that answers questions about this document.

Legacy Gift Notification Form

Many parishioners like you, after providing for their families, have chosen to leave a legacy gift to their Parish, Parish School, or Diocesan ministry. If you have made a prayerful decision to leave a planned gift such as that, we ask that you please let us know. By doing this, we will be able to thank you and recognize you (by name or anonymously) as a Vivos Christi Society Member.

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