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Legacy gift is easy with Transferable on Death (TOD)

Legacy gift is easy with Transferable on Death (TOD)

A commitment to his parish creates more than just a legacy

When Paul and his wife Gaetana moved to Mt. Dora from Pompano Beach, they quickly found land to build a new house across from St. Patrick Catholic Church. Right away they knew it was a good sign! Paul began donating his time and talent with the Finance Council, and immediately began to support the parish with his weekly offering of support at Mass. He felt called to do more. In Pompano Beach, as the Finance Chair of Assumption Church, he had helped with a campaign that raised close to $2 million, with 80% planned gifts. He had seen the difference that these legacy gifts made to help them continue the great work they do and plan for the future. He wanted the same at St. Patricks, and so he worked with Father Charlie and the parish to bring The Catholic Foundation of Central Florida's Legacy Planning Seminars to the parishioners. To show his commitment to supporting his parish with planned gifts, he and Gaetana made their own and became members of the Vivos Christi Society. This society recognizes anyone in the Diocese who has made a planned gift to their parish, parish school, or any Diocesan ministry or entity. "It was an obvious decision for me to continue my legacy of faith by making a planned gift to St. Patrick Catholic Church."

He decided to name St. Patrick Catholic Church as a partial beneficiary of his IRA. "Not only am I committed to the sustainability of this wonderful parish, but this was a way I could easily give a gift" It simply took filling out a form to change the beneficiary of the IRA. This can also easily be done with a bank account, stock funds, and even a life insurance policy. All you have to do is change the name of the beneficiary on the form, and you don't need to contact your attorney for any updates to your wills. Of course, if you are making a will for the first time, after providing for your children and family, you could leave a dollar amount or a percentage to the parish. The great thing about donating a portion of his IRA and leaving the rest for his family, is that his family will actually be able to save on the taxes they would otherwise have to pay for the appreciation of his IRA.

"People used to think only someone that has a high net worth that could make a planned gift, but really anyone with any amount of money or assets can make a planned gift to have their faith live on. If every parishioner left only 1% or their estate, imagine the impact it would have! I encourage everyone to join me in making a planned gift to your parish so that we can ensure that our Catholic parishes thrive and continue to impact the Central Florida community for many generations to come."

Is a transferable on death (TOD) gift right for you?

If you own stocks, bonds or mutual funds and would like to make a gift to leave a legacy and support your parish, a Catholic school, the Bishop to use where most needed, or The Catholic Foundation of Central Florida, Inc., consider a transfer on death gifting strategy. If you have questions about transfer on death giving strategies, please contact us. We would be happy to assist you and answer any questions that you have.

*Please note: The name and image above is representative of a typical donor and may or may not be an actual donor to our organization. Since the benefits of a TOD gift may differ depending on your personal circumstances, please consult with your legal, tax or financial advisor.

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